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The OpportunIP team is a professional IP solutions provider, specializing in the operation of an IP exchange that works with businesses to leverage clients’ intellectual property by finding alternative uses. Our team works to understand your needs, to produce active exchange and development of an IP which is market driven, while protecting your rights.

We are advised by, and work with, leading professionals who understand the art of the deal. Our collaborators and advisors have the know-how and provide top shelf legal, technical and business insight and services. Our experience spans a number of industries and it is our ability to match strategic partners that sets us apart.

Our license system, a Method for Aggregating and Valuing Intellectual Property in an Exchange, was patented with the USPTO in 2012.

Meet our CEO, Dr. Steven L. Henning

OpportunIP Team Member

Dr. Henning is the inventor of the Exchange and the related patents governing its business. The Exchange offers solutions to IP owners to maximize value and revenue streams related to IP, through the active exchange and development of intellectual property rights. This process is driven by collaboration with strategic partners in the development of new markets. The idea for the Exchange emanates from Dr. Henning’s extensive professional involvement with IP, including his role on the NASDAQ Listing Qualifications Panel. It was his observation that IP owners prefer to access capital and secure future revenue streams without yielding ownership or control of their IP. In addition to his wide ranging professional engagements, he serves on the board of directors of the Center for Advanced Technologies, a non-profit organization that advances knowledge about valuing and monetizing intellectual property. Dr Henning is also a Partner with the accounting firm Marks Paneth LLP in New York and a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. He is a financial reporting expert, who works with boards of directors and senior executives on investigations, compliance with SEC regulations and reporting of complex transactions. Furthermore, his work includes helping foreign private issuers to register and list their shares in the United States.


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