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OpportunIP offers clients a novel approach to the monetization of IP. Our team of experts and advisors provides top shelf technical, legal and business services to give insight into various industries and practice areas. We match strategic partners in the corporate, public and governmental sectors.

The following provides a summary of information on the variety of deals that we compose:


Our clients grant OpportunIP and its affiliates an exclusive license under the IP rights and patents, with the right to sub-license, or sell licensed products within OpportunIP‘s field and within a territory explicitly granted by the client. We can guide our clients from simply locating strategic partners to providing assistance throughout the entire licensing process. Licensing is our primary area of focus.


We assist our clients by providing introductions to potential acquirers of their IP. Furthermore, we offer our assistance in negotiations with respect to sale transactions. We strive to obtain maximum value for our clients’ IP.


We introduce our clients’ new products or technology, protected by IP rights, into the markets by matching the appropriate strategic partner for the development of such. This partnership then creates a prototype if necessary and advances all marketing and financial efforts, including advertising sales promotion, budgeting and forecasts.


We locate investors to provide the funds for our clients’ product or technology. We can obtain venture capital for various stages of the development cycle and funds from angel investors for business start-ups. We can guide our clients from simply locating investors to providing assistance throughout the entire process.


At OpportunIP we assist our clients with process improvement, primarily through the analysis of existing challenges and / or development of plans for more effective use of IP. All of our clients draw upon the services of our consultancy for a number of reasons, including external and objective advice and access to our specialized expertise.

Due Diligence

We spend time with our clients and perform due diligence on their technology, reports, employees, management, as well as other aspects of the company or its products before recommending an investment or reaching out to potential strategic partners. We perform our own due diligence so that we better understand the challenges and opportunities.

OpportunIP has worked with and in the following industries, to name just a few:


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